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We design extraordinary experiences with bespoke luxury services

The Tonia Andronikou Team offers exclusive event management services. From royal weddings, christenings and birthday celebrations to elegant dinners, private parties and themed events, our team designs and implements memorable experiences. As professional in event management, and through our elite network of resources and our consistently impeccable service, we will ensure a one-of-a-kind event tailored to your desires.

Wheter it's venue research, vendor coordination and budgeting or event production, concept development and outsourcing materials, our team with its distinctive sense of style and professional expertise will execute the event with attention to detail by providing peace of mind to the host. We believe that the most successful events are the ones that exceed your expectations and, for that reason, we promise to you that our events will be only limited by your imagination.


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Enchanted Romance in Traditional Agora of Mykonos

WHO Vanessa and Manos
CONCEPT The elegant wedding of Vanessa and Manos at the waterfront of Mykonos town along side of the ancient Agora with a colourful theme. The atmosphere was reminding everyone an enchanting feeling and excitement and the high-energy of everyone made the party even better.

Destination Christening in Mykonos

WHERE Santa Marina, Mykonos
WHO Leonidas
CONCEPT A seaside Christening where the sun and the Greek toned florals framed a backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.It is well known that the island of Mykonos is a majestic place that  you definitely have to visit at least once in your life. Thats why Alex and Natasha  chose Mykonos for their son's Christening. It was the 25th of May when their little boy was given his name: Leonidas. The ceremony took place on the best resort of the island under the sunset light and surrounded by blue and white flowers, fitting with the colours of Greece. Following the christening, a dinner and party took place at one of the best restaurants of the island , that combines great food and music.

Vow Renewal, Greek Celebration

WHERE Sea Satin Restaurant, Santa Marina Resort, Buddha Bar, Spilia Restaurant
WHO Francis & Sissy
CONCEPT Two people madly in love, wished to renew their vows after many years, the Greek way.Francis and Sissy, wanted to have the time of their lives for the first weekend of June 2018 and that is what we wanted to create for them. The weekend started out with a magnificent cocktail dinner by the sea with the view of the astonishing sunset at Sea Sati Restaurant. After the dinner, the Greek Music begun and all the guests started dancing and breaking plates which is the Greek way to have fun. The next morning, Francis and Sissy had organised a gathering for their friend at Santa Marina beach, with jet skis and other water games and for lunch the ultimate Greek barbecue. No one could resist. After a few hours the wedding took place in Santa Marina at the church overlooking the marvellous Aegean Sea. A very heartwarming moment to observe real love after so many years infront of the most beautiful scene. The party took place at Spilia Restaurant until the next morning. The decoration were hanging from the ceiling and flowers were anywhere that the eye could sea. It made the venue very warm and cozy for the guests. As it was beginning of June and the weather was quite chilly, there were great pashminas for all the ladies that felt bit cold. Certainly a weekend that no one can forget. As the couple made everyone feel as if it was their home. 

Myconian Christening

WHERE Buddha Bar, Sea Satin
WHO Aris
CONCEPT A typical Myconian Celebration for a special young man. The pre- christening cocktail party took place at Buddha Bar restaurant which is located in Santa Marina Resort. One could say that it is the best location as all the guest admire the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea which is mixed with the sunset colors of the sky. The decorations where minimal as the place by its own has an astonishing beauty. Lights and Candles lighted up the night as well as the singer that was the best factor to make this night unforgettable. The next day, the christening took place at the monastery of Anw Mera with minimum decorations as the church is so monumental. There were only some lavenders and a candy bar with typical and delicious Greek Sweets. The after party at Sea Satin, is what we call the Perfect Greek Night. The decorated fishing nets that were hanging from the ceiling, as well as the decorated bottles, tables, the donkey that was at the entrance and all the rest welcome drinks, sweets and Greek Gifts were exactly what was needed to create the best Mykonian scenery. The ultimate GREEK BEAUTY for our little friend. 

A Classic Mykonian Wedding

WHERE Sea Satin & Santa Marina
WHO Jemima & Nick
CONCEPT Mykonos is a well known island around the world, but in order to understand exactly what has made our island so famous you have to visit the right places. That is what Jemima and Nick chose for their guests. The pre wedding party took place, at one of the best restaurants of the island, which combines great food and music,which was transformed by our team with flowers in order to make the scene even more magical. The wedding took place at the best resort of the island, under the lights of the stars and candles with the amazing view of the sea. The scenery was completed with white and pink flowers which were placed on every table. Special lights that were located on top of the tables gave an even more romantic vibe to the night. 

Intimate Villa Wedding

WHERE Private villa
WHO Rachel & Robi
CONCEPT Rachel and Robi wanted something pure and simple because, as it is known, less is more. The scenery of the wedding was the blue sky which reflected into the huge swimming pool of the villa and finally with the blue of the sea. The white arch as well as the white flowers were the best combination that could be used for such a simple and innocent wedding that the couple desired. When the night arrived,the pink reflection that was given from the candles, finalized the beautiful event, giving the spark needed for the couple's new beginning.

Philippo's Baptism

WHERE Spilia restaurant
WHO Philippos
CONCEPT Blue and white are the most suitable colours for Greece, especially when you want to organise an event on a Greek Island. That was our thought for Phillipo's Baptism. Decorations such as boats, starfishes as well as blue and white flowers at one of the nicest restaurants by the beach, were the most suitable for our young friend's next step in life. 

A Sleek City Wedding

WHERE Nobu Athens
WHO Alex & Natassa
CONCEPT Having a wedding in Athens and making everyone feel as if they were on an island was a challenge for our team, but we surely achieved it. The fireworks that made the sky colourful during the calmness of the night, were exactly what was needed as a final touch for the unforgettable night of Alex and Natassa. The white flowers and candles that decorated the venue added a natural innocence for the big night of the couple and their new chapter in their lives. 

Seaside Elegance

WHERE Santa Marina
WHO Maria & Francois
CONCEPT It is well known that the most romantic time of the day is during the sunset. Imagine sharing with your loved one, your vows during that time of day, with a background setting of the sun sinking in the sea. Seaside Elegance wedding offered the above as well as the romance of candles hanging on trees and placed all over the beach. The venues of both pre wedding and wedding ceremonies were two of the best hotels in Mykonos island with stunning view. The harp that was arranged as well as the white flowers that were placed everywhere in addition with the setting made it the most romantic and elegant wedding of the year.